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70+ Direct Beneficiaries

How to be involved?

  • With $400 we can help a disabled person or a vulnerable woman to start Goat farming in the countryside and become self-sufficient economically. That´s inclusion! 

  • With $800 we can help a disabled person or a vulnerable woman to start his/her own business in town, receive the related training and become self-sufficient economically. That´s inclusion!  

Socio-Economic Reintegration

Helping The Community

We realize that when talking about inclusion, the economic dependency is the main obstacle to the development of these vulnerable groups (disabled people and women) and at the same time it feeds their socio-economic exclusion into society. Through this program, FONHARE intends to contribute to improving the living conditions of this category in Haiti by building the capacity of a group of disabled people and women in terms of leadership, entrepreneurship, creation of income-generating activities, personal development while also seeking to maintain and / or improve their physical conditions through their introduction to body techniques.

This program is part of FONHARE's values and commitments as a non-profit organization working for resiliency and inclusive society with the participation of everyone respecting their differences in order to decrease the disparities between disabled people and those who are not, and between men and women. In addition, this program also collaborates in efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly by promoting equitable and inclusive development. To date 60 individuals (disabled and women) in the countryside have benefited two (2) goats each for developing goat framing and 10 disabled people have started their businesses in towns.


Patient Success Story of Economic Empowerment in Action! 

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