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CORA Physical Therapy & FONHARE

Getting Better Done Better, Together

As an advisory member and partner of FONHARE, CORA Physical Therapy -- to include their 1,800+ employees and 200+ outpatient physical therapy clinics in nine U.S. States -- pledges their full support to the humanitarian services of FONHARE in Haiti. CORA and FONHARE share a similar vision to serve everyone in making rehabilitation services affordable to the most vulnerable and impoverished people. Philosophically, CORA is an extension of FONHARE in the U.S. and FONHARE is an extension of CORA here in Haiti. Our mission, our principles, and our morals align as does our deep passion and desire to serve everyone.  


Together, our reach is global. It transcends geographical boundaries near and far. In the world of physical and occupational therapy, FONHAR and CORA stand together for the best. Working together we are cutting-edge, results-driven, thorough, and able to get patients back to life as quickly and healthfully as we can.

We communicate. We identify and achieve outcomes. We grow. We share. And we laugh. (Not coincidentally, the best medicine!) Our teamwork is the most sought-after in the industry, and we keep them that way with training, funding, and continued support.

Every decision we make and every advanced technology we employ is added mindfully to benefit each member of our joint communities: the patients, staff, physicians, and partners in the neighborhoods we serve. For all of you, we offer our commitment to an exceptionally seamless, professional, accessible and transparent experience, consistently delivered with care.

And that’s how we treat everyone, together.

CORA's Areas of Specialty

At CORA, we strive to be experts in our field and do so by staying current on the vast areas of specialty. We take our knowledge and skillsets to the next level and bring that to FONHARE so we can help their team achieve successful patient results. Below are some of the specialties we focus on at home and when we bring training and support to FONHARE and their team.

  • Auto Injury Treatment

  • Fall Prevention

  • Hand Therapy

  • Home Physical Therapy

  • Neurological Rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

CORA's Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes

Our investment is ensuring quality and our outcomes prove it. FOTO stands for Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes – the power is in the name!

The founders of FOTO Outcomes Management System created the platform as a way to provide proven and measurable outcomes by capturing your feedback based solely on your experiences with us. The technology is built to serve every touchpoint from patient to clinician to payer because FOTO believes every patient deserves efficient and effective care, every clinician desires to consistently provide the best care possible, and every payer needs an effortless way to reward for value.

We chose FOTO because we are invested in doing everything we can to help our patients achieve the best outcomes. Our FOTO reports provide clinical outcomes data that help CORA clinicians manage our patients, track their progress and deliver focused care.

No games. No guesswork. Simply results that prove our strength above the averages of other providers nationally.

CORA patients are like family and your therapy experience is no different. Between our FOTO reports and our commitment to clinical excellence, we have what we need to manage your outcomes and provide better service for ALL. Whether you are active, play sports, want to restore basic functions or need to get back to work, CORA gets patients healthy and back to life quicker and better than before.

We bring that knowledge and approach to FONHARE so we can work together for their patients. And you’re always treated right because happy patients achieve better results. 




















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  • Post-op Rehabilitation

  • Manual Therapy

  • Pediatric Therapy

  • Senior Services

  • Sports Medicine

  • Spine Care

A Few Words from CORA about FONHARE and Their Impact

CORA & FONHARE: Together We Are Stronger

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